Feb 11, 2009

Meta Tags Guidelines

Meta Tags Guidelines

Information about meta tags. How to write meta tags and use of meta tags. Meta information is used to describe the type of information found on the web page.

There are 2 meta tags like meta keyword tag and meta description tag used in Web page code whose usage is frequently misunderstood and commonly misused. If you want to know more about other meta tags, see Important HTML Title Tags. Some people might argue that the HTML title tag is a meta tag.

Rules of Meta Tags:

The first rule for the meta tags is that each one should be unique and should not be duplicated anywhere in a Web site. If you are duplicating the meta tags then Google has been dumping some Web sites into their supplemental result database when the site uses the same meta tags on multiple pages, so it is important to make sure that each of these meta tags used in your site is unique. Pages relegated to the supplemental result database rarely show up in most Google searches, so make sure that each of these meta tags an title is unique.

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