Feb 11, 2009

HTML Title Tag Guidelines

HTML Title Tag Guidelines

The HTML title tag play a key role in On page Optimization (SEO) and Title tag will effect the ranking with major search engines. Html title tag is the most important page element for defining the page's keyword theme.

Tips for Html Title Tag:

Use up to 66 characters for the title tag. Keep the text in the HTML title tag short and target the main keyword for the page. The target keywords are those for which you wish to see the page rank well and rank high in search engines.

The keyword theme should ideally appear multiple times in the page content. The first 2 or 3 keywords in the HTML title tag give relevance to the content of the page. If you wish to add the company name, put it on the right side. It is much more important for users to find your Web page using search keywords. Users will not search for your company name unless they already know who you are. Focus your keyword themes on the products and services you offer.

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