Jan 1, 2009

Title Tag SEO, Title Tag Length, Optimization

Title Tag SEO, Title Tag Length, Optimization, Role of Meta Title Tag in SEO

 Title Tag SEO

Title tags are the most important of the on-page SEO (search engine optimization) factors. A title tag is a HTML code that explains the web pages content through target keywords. Title Tags are a very important tool for all major search engines to know, what is in the content of a specific web page. Creating a relevant and unique title tag is one of the most important variables in achieving high search engine positioning.
Title tag is a combination of primary and secondary keywords (Related keywords) for which we want to rank and occupy the top 10 position is major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Ex: Primary keyword – Secondary keywords.
Syntax of Title Tag:
<title>Free SEO Articles, Google SEO Tips, SEO Tools, SEO Books, Free SEO Directory List</title>
View your Title Tag:
You find the title tag in the source code of a web page. If you want to view the title tag through the source code then click on view from the menu at the top of your browser and then click on source option.
See the above example of Title Tag image, how a Title Tag is placed within the website coding.

The Roles of the Title Tag in a Web Page:
Title tags play key role in On Page factor:

  • Title is displayed in the search results pages as a piece of information available to searchers.
  • Title is displayed by the visitor's browser in the border of the viewable screen. For this reason, titles need to clearly relate to their webpage and should unique with 66 characters of your title tag.
  • Title is used by the major search engines to display the information in based on topic your webpage.
  • Title is the most important factor in your page's ranking.

Few tips for writing good Title Tags:

  • Create a Title Tag with target keywords and related to content of the web page. So, help you to occupy the better position in search engine result page (SERP).
  • Avoid using repeating keywords and phrases in your title tag because this may be treated as spamming by search engines.
  • Don’t include your company name in the title tag or add it after few most relevant keywords, phrases into the title tag.
  • Write unique title tags for each web page of your website instead of writing a common title page for the complete site.
  • Write very meaningful, impressive, unique and content relevant title tag they are a really powerful can be best tool to optimize your site.

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