Feb 11, 2009

Meta Keyword Guidelines

Meta Keyword Tag Guidelines:

The Meta Keyword Tag play a key role and keyword meta tag will not affect your rankings with the major search engines, but it can help with smaller search engines. Meta keyword tag use is completely optional. None of the major search engines have used it for ranking purposes for at least 6 or 7 years.

Tips for Meta keyword Tag:

Use up to about 200 characters for this Meta tag and use only those target keywords which contain in article or content o the page. If you are using un related keyword or phrases that are not found on the page then search engine can panelize the website, so avoid useing any words or phrases not found on the page. Separate each keyword phrase in the keywords meta tag with a comma. If you have several pages that would normally use the same set of keyword phrases, just rearrange the order of the phrases.

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