Jan 2, 2009

Meta Keyword Tag, Length and Tips

Meta Keyword Tag, Meta Keyword length, Meta Keyword Html and Meta Keyword Example

Meta Keyword Tag

Meta Keyword Tag: The Meta keywords tag is not such import as Title Tag or Meta description tag but is still relevant within the use of (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. The Meta keywords tag is the combination of few related pr relevant keywords or phrases used in the web contain. These words and phrases are more commonly referred to as your "keywords" and "key phrases".
You can find the Meta Keyword Tag in the head section of your source code below the title tag and Meta description tag. Meta Keyword Tag is in the Head area just like the Title Tag and Meta Description Tag.
Please see above Meta keyword image.
Meta Keyword Length: First of all list out all your keywords based on article or webpage content and key phrases separated by a comma and no space. Don’t repeat a keyword more than 3 to 4 times within this tag. This includes variations of a word. Over use of this tag is frowned upon by search engines and considered spam. Pick the 10 or 15 terms that most accurately describe the content of the page.
Meta Keyword Html:
<meta name="keywords" content="meta keyword tag, meta keyword length, meta keyword Html and meta keyword examples " />
Meta Keyword Example or Syntax:
<meta name="keywords" content="Related keywords " />
Keyword Density: Keyword density is nothing but, the number of times that your keywords appear on the page, Vs the number of words on a page — a ratio, in other words.
Keyword Phrase: This is the combination of two or more keywords to form a search query. Like “Meta Keyword Tag “– Meta Keyword Tag Tips.
Keyword Research: searching for relatives and related keywords.
Keyword Stuffing: The process of placing keywords in the META tags or main HTML body.

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