Feb 11, 2009

What is a Supplemental Result?

What is a Supplemental Result? How Do I Get My Pages Out of Supplemental Results?
Supplemental Result

Google finally found a solution in August of 2007 to resolve the supplemental results issue that I want to share in this article. Somewhat those rectify an issue with their algorithm that was apparently dumping millions of web pages into their supplemental results database. That does not mean that the supplemental results database is disappeared, nor does it mean that pages deemed to be less worthy will now start appearing in searches.

Regularly Google refreshing the supplemental results database, so once the issues with a web page were resolved, they were moving back to the main database much quicker.

The Supplemental Result is stored in separate database of Google main database. Google remove the WebPages from main searchable database and which means they do not show up in normal search results. In simple web pages are penalized by Google due to few reasons like copied content, duplicate title, description and keywords.

Few Reasons for showing Supplemental Results:

  • Lack of content on a page.
  • Duplicate content.
  • Content from another site in HTML frames or iframes.
  • Affiliate marketing links.
  • Obsolete pages.
  • Link pages.
  • Links to Bad Neighborhoods.
  • Duplicate HTML Title tags, Description Meta tags and Keyword Meta tags.
  • Old content.

How Do I Get My Pages Out of Supplemental Results?

The Google spiders periodically crawl pages stuck in Supplemental Results, but Google use different spider and it does not visit these pages very often.
Most of this Web site was trapped in Supplemental Results for a long period. We have uploaded the few pages and submitted to Google and after few days those are displayed as supplemental results in Google search results.

We noticed that all page are came under supplemental results. The flagging increased weekly and spread like a virus until it began to penalize all of the 100% original content pages found in the main portions of the site.

Then we modified the content and meta tags and re-submitted to Google. Within about a week, almost all of our original content pages were removed from Supplemental Result hell and Google traffic began to flow in once again.

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