Jan 12, 2009

White Hat SEO Techniques, White Hat SEO Tips

White Hat SEO Techniques, White Hat SEO Tips, White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO Techniques

Quality Content:

Content play a key role in SEO to website. Hear, “content is King”, and it’s true. There is nothing more precious you can do to optimize your site for search engines by offer unique content. A search engines aim is to serve up most appropriate website for any given search to the end user.
Imagine we are the user and we are searching for a SEO books for Free. We go to our favorite search engine and search for the phrase “SEO books for Free”. In this fantasy scenario let’s assume there are only 2 websites that target that phrase,
First Website consists of 3 paragraphs of text. The text tells us that the important of SEO book and the prize.
Second Website 30 plus pages all focus on different SEO Books that we can hire, costs.
Which website do you think the search engine is likely to offer to the user first? It’s a rather obvious example but it illustrates the importance of good content so your priority should be good quality content.

Use Structural Mark Up and Separate Content from Presentation:

Use the proper structure for content which helps search engines understand the content of your webpage. Use proper heading and sub-heading elements is essential because search engines give more weight to the content within the heading elements.
Using CSS to split the design elements from the content makes for much leaner code and makes it easier for search engines to find what they’re looking for.

Titles and Meta Data:

Use proper titles and Meta data for web pages. As discussed in Black hat SEO techniques section the meta description and meta keywords elements have been so changed in the past that Search Engines now consider them as less important. Titles play a key role for the web page and carry a lot of weight.
Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Use:
Before creating a website target the keyword and then create your website. Research the target keywords and key phrases you think people may use to find your website. Don’t target the single words because for that, there is huge competition, try multi keywords word phrases that are much more specific to your website.
Use the keywords and key phrases you’ve identified effectively during your website. allocate each page 2-3 of the keywords you’ve identified and use the keywords throughout all the important elements of the page. Those are,

Quality Inbound Links:

Quality inbound links play a key role for website to rank well in search engines. Having inbound links to your website can be likened to having a vote for the good. Good links are links from other web pages that are regarded highly by the search engines and are contextually relevant to the content of your page.

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