Jan 2, 2009

Meta Description Tag Length, Examples

Meta Description Tag, Meta Description length, Meta Description Html and Meta Description Example

Meta Description Tag

Meta Description Tag: SEO description is the Meta tag of description, it place between the <head> and </head> tag. Meta description tag is most important for getting unique visitors and clicks, but not getting to rank high for particular keywords.
The Meta description tag provides short information on webpage as a summary. Meta description will not appear in web page but it display in SERP (Search Result Pages). Google search engine give much important to Meta Description Tag to display in search result pages , but yahoo and other related search engines give somewhat different important to meta description tag, so you should not neglect it altogether.
Meta Description Tag Length: It’s not the number of words that count. It’s actually the number of characters length. Because, Google will cut off anything more than 155(roughly) characters. Optimizing for in the description and try to limit its length to 25-30 words. Also try to use no more than two sentences.
Meta Description Html: Describe metadata within an HTML document.
<meta name="description" content="Info on Meta description Tag Article " />
Meta Description Example and Syntax:
<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="informative description here">
Meta Description Strategies:

  • Differentiate the descriptions for different pages.
  • Include clearly tagged facts in the description.
  • Programmatically generate descriptions and not spammy.
  • Use quality descriptions with keyword rich.

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