Jan 8, 2009

Alt Tag Definition, Alt Tag SEO

Alt Tag Definition, Alt Tag SEO, Alt Tag Optimization, Alt Tag Tips, Image Optimization Tips

Alt Tag Definition

Alt Tag Definition:
With the help of HTML tag which provides alternative text when non-textual elements, typically images, cannot be displayed.
ALT Tag is a one of the important factor while Optimizing Image for a web page.

Alt Tag in Html:
The alt attribute is used to define an "alternate text" for an image. The value of the alt attribute is an author-defined text:
<img src="seo.gif" alt="Free SEO Article">
Important Factor for On-page Optimization Alt Tag to Image:
Alt tag generally means the alternative tag. Alt Tag is the HTML tag that tells search engine about the images. Because search engines cannot read text in the images, so with the help of alt tag, search engines come to know about images.

Search engines crawlers are able to index text but they are unable to index the text in the images can create problems. So while making a website you can not only target search engines but the outcome will be generated through visitors.

According to Google friendly site guidelines, we have to create a website SEO friendly and it must helpful to visitors. If we are using the images in the WebPages, in such a situation, alt tag is the best option to add more beauty to your website.
Here are few Tips to add Alt TAg Text to Images:
  • Use ALT Tags to label every image on your web page.
  • Only use the most relevant keyword in ALT Tag to label your image.
  • Do not add unrelated keywords in ALT Tags.
  • Try not to make ALT Tag look like spam for search engines.
  • Add keyword or phrase for important images.
  • For other images like background images, spacers, dividing lines, table borders, and other images used for designing use alt=”” as the Alternate Text.
  • Do not repeat keywords.
  • ALT Text should be a sentence or phrase, instead of keywords separated by commas.
  • The correct way to use ALT Text is:

<img src=”images/seo.jpg” alt=”Free SEO Articles” />

Where seo.jpg is the image name and “Free SEO Articles” is the ALT Tag added to the image so as to label it.
It is recommended to use ALT tag with every image of your web page.
Alt Tag optimization Tips:
  • Use alt tag for all images in the web pages and add most relevant keyword in your Alt tag.
  • Use keywords that are present in title tag, Meta tag and body text.
  • Use 2-3 relevant keywords rather than the repetition of keywords.
  • Use plural keywords in alt tag.
  • Alt tag should not be long and must not exceed more than 7 words.
  • Avoid using of irrelevant keywords in the alt tag that are not related to images instead use keywords that directly explain the images.

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