Feb 3, 2009

Two Way Link Building

Two Way Link Building, Reciprocal link building, Bilateral Links

Two way link building is one type of link building. Two way link building is also know as Reciprocal link building. Reciprocal links are also known as bilateral links. Reciprocal links are a very cost effective way to get links and visitors to your web site.

Reciprocal links are thought to be bringing down by search engines. Better to work on non-reciprocal, or one way links, which can be achieved quickly. Link exchanges for reciprocal links are still an important aspect in building your web site’s link popularity.

Two way link building is useful for page ranking, rank high in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn and increases the traffic for your web site. In two way link building, we will exchange a link from other website and give a back link from your website. Nothing but link exchange between two web sites.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reciprocal Links:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reciprocal Links
Advantages of reciprocal links
  • It’s free
Disadvantages of reciprocal links
  • Time consuming
  • Tedious
  • Your site gives away PageRank
  • Slow to get many links to your web site

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Jag said...

Nice that you have written a post on RLB, it will be helpful for SEO newbies

Satish Chandra Sharma-Ballia said...

it's helpfull for ...link building..understanding for web sites....

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