Feb 3, 2009

One Way Link Exchange, Natural Link Exchange

One way Link Exchange, Define One way link, Natural Link Exchange, Non-Reciprocal Link Exchange, One way link Exchange Image and Exmaple.

One way links means that a web site links to your web site, but you don’t link back to that web site. One way links are also known as non-reciprocal links.

One way links are more important than reciprocal links in terms and helps to boost your web site’s nothing but link popularity. If you have more one way links to your web site then, higher your web sites link popularity.

One way links are more valuable and more important as they know as more “natural” way of linking between web sites.

One way Link Exchange Example:

If you find a relevant website for your web site then you will link to that relevant website, however, that web site doesn’t link back to you, most likely because they don’t know you’re linking to them.

Getting one way links are much more difficult than reciprocal links. With the help of triangular link exchange we can get one way links, however this is often difficult and you would require at least 2 web sites to do so. “Triangular” link exchanges are when your web site A links to your partner’s web site, and your partner’s web site links to your web site B.

One Way Link Exchange Image:

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