Jan 23, 2009

Tools to Create Sitemap File

Tools to Create Sitemap File

Sitemap Tools

The name Sitemap, itself suggest, it is a map of a website so that search engines can found your website.
Sitemap is created in
.xml format and contain all links of the webpage. Sitemap is important and easy way to submit your links to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn.
When I am searching for Sitemap tools, I got few lists, which is mention in the article.
ONLINE Sitemap Generators:
2. SitemapDoc
3. XML-Sitemaps
4. FreesitemapGenerator
5. ScriptSocket Sitemap Generator
DOWNLOADABLE Sitemap Generators:
7. Sorrowman Sitemap Filter
8. Rage Google Sitemap Automator
9. Site Magellan
10. VIGOS Gsitemap
PLUGINS for CMS and other software:
Sitemaps Generator for WordPress
12. Plugin for Coppermine photogallery
13. DreamWeaver plugin
14. Drupal XML Sitemap
15. TypepadBot for TypePad Blogs

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