Jan 10, 2009

Free Web Site Promotion Tips, Web Site Promotion Techniques

Free Web Site Promotion Tips, Web Site Promotion Techniques, Ideas, Services
Website Promotion Tips
Website promotion is a technique that serves to boost the popularity of, or to promote, a website.
Website promotion techniques may involve online or offline activities.
Online Website Promotion:
Some online website promotion techniques include:

Offline Website Promotion:
Some offline website promotion techniques include:

  • Television and radio advertising
  • Newspaper advertising

Also Known As: online promotion, website marketing, web site marketing.

Web Site Promotion Tips
1) Get your site involved in directories for example, the DMOZ or Yahoo Directories
2) Get listed in search engines OTHER than Google.
3) Target the right keyword to rank in search engines.
4) Write the unique Title and Meta Tags.
5) Use
Google Trends to find out what people are looking for, words such as “Google checkout” will have like 30 million searches + while “purple ps3″ will get significantly less searches.
6) Before starting a website, select the topic and do
SEO for getting traffic and ranking well in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn.
7) Write quality and unique content.
8) Don’t annoy your readers by placing an ad in everything; you are here to help them not annoy them.
9) Advertise your website in forums that cover the topic/theme that your website is about.
10) Use the Header tag based on content and target keyword.
11) Work on Internal Navigation. This helps you to rank well and visitors will navigate from one page to another page.
12) Be interactive with your users, if someone comments on your site, your successful in my opinion! That means at least someone on the internet thinks the work you put into your article means something. Comment back and try to feed your growing community.
13) Add polls & quizzes that will spark something in your users to voice their opinions.
14) NO Music, please stay quiet unless you’re a website like Imeem, it’s just irritating to most people who may already be playing music of their own choice.
15) Make sure the colors match up , your reader’s psyche` will have already made a decision of whether they will come back or run away as fast as they can from your site.
16) Create a forum. People love to voice their opinion and generally be social creatures by nature.
17) Do the link exchange with other relevant website and competitors, it shows that you are not afraid of competition and that you truly have the best intentions for your reader.
18) Make sure there is a search option somewhere on your site , In today’s fast paced world People want what they want NOW , ya get me slick ?
19) Offer a subscriber solution / newsletter such as
Feed burner , it is one of the most widely used rss services.
20) Create on-going serial series of articles that have different parts that keep visitors coming back for more!
21) Frequently Update your content , not like every second but try for once a day update on material. It will make your visitors happy and google will crawl your website in regular bases.
22) Don’t overload on ads, they slow sites dow.
23) Don’t use many video ads keep these down to a minimum, they usually are annoying to begin with as far as audios go.
24) Make sure the layout you are using is low in size.
25) Don’t use numbers of tables in the html page because it take time fro download the page.
26) If you plan on going professional then it may be time to invest in a stronger dedicated server.
27) Other reasons as to why your site is slow may be because of the content itself , don’t overload your users with a 2,000 page essay , no one has the patience to read that much as the average time a user spends on a website .
28) Don’t use large high quality pictures 500kb+ , It will kill your bandwidth and takes longer for browsers to process.
29) Being part of a network is very important don’t underestimate the power it has.
30) Social sites such as
Digg , Delicious , Technorati all have badges via API code that can help you get more traffic.
31) Placement of these badges is best to put just at the end of your article. You don’t want to spam your users visually with all the badges at the top of the article but it’s entirely up to you.
32) Other options can be to purchase advertisement on other websites that are offering to put your banner on their site.
33) Write articles for other blog sites as a guest in most cases you will be allowed to advertise / promote your own blog in the process.
34) Have guest blog writers post an article for your readers to enjoy, most cases having an expert come in and speak his/her mind is a great way to promote traffic.
35) Some promotion will have to be done off-line, such as word of mouth from friends / family as well as promoting posters on college campuses.
36) Join blog networks such as
9rules , b5media , blog network you get the idea.
37) Comment on other people’s blogs while listing your website if there is an option for it.
38) Go on a forum where people need help with coding issues for example and help them solve their problem, they may visit your website and become potential future readers as a way of saying thanks.
39) Start up an affiliation link exchange with ther bloggers who also have similar content / themes. It may be best to try to go for sites that ranked accordingly to your site.
40) Another method to increasing traffic to your website is to continue creating more quality content, over time users will search results will lead to your website.
41) Create a design that is very eye catching such as the header; a catchy website will bring users back if your content is up to par.
42) Make sure your content is not very long, stick to the point and try to be clear cut while being interesting.
43) Do not waste time paying websites to submit your Site to search engines.

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