Jan 27, 2009

Blogging for SEO, Benefits of Having Blog

Blogging for SEO, Benefits of Having BlogSEO Blog

The importance of having blog to share your feeling, thoughts, articles, talk back to your customers, promote your products or services and knowing the feed on the services.

Benefits of having Blog:

As we know that blogs helps to boost your rankings. Blog Help to get a new site ranked quickly.Search engines put high weight on blogs that are focused and tend to stay on topic.
Blog contain freshness of content that a search engine is yearning and rewarding to the blogs. The ideal situation is that the blog would provide for tiny snippets of information that over time build up to a greater whole.
Another benefits of having blog, once you've established a blog and posting the information or articles then the Googlebot coming to your site every few days and regular bases, then use that to link to other sites, sub-domains or any deep links that you need to get crawled.
You can optimize your blog in few areas, namely the "home" page and the "archive" page. But depending on the tool being used to post the blog.

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