Jan 28, 2009

Tips for Optimization Blog, Blog Optimization Tips, Services

Tips for Optimization Blog, Blog Optimization Tips, Services

Blog Tips

If we optimize the blog in a proper way then we can realize that possible visibility on the Internet could be much more.
If we are not receive the traffic after starting a website or running a website then we has to work on optimization of website or a blog. Blogs can even deliver a most unique traffic without SEO, but WITH SEO we can receive more huge traffic.
Blogs, have more optimization opportunity compared to a normal web site and SEO friendly. I have a few tips for optimizing the blog that can make the difference.
Let’s see just the basic optimization tips for blog:

  • Write a unique Stories or articles to get more traffic and attracted by the visitors.
  • Look at your Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Before you publishing your article or story, once check the spellings.
  • Blog’s title plays a key role to rank well in search engines. Use unique title for every post in blog.
  • Improve you blog linking structure using a plugin called Top Level Categories. Use blog related categories and rewrites the urls of your blog for more search engine friendly ones.
  • Optimize the categories and use keyword rich categories. When you post a articles or story place them in to a relevant category.
  • Avoid selecting multiple categories on any post because you may get into the double content penalty with search engines.
  • Subscribe RSS feeds.
  • Start working Social bookmarking websites is an excellent source of free traffic to your blog.
  • Add some code to your template for the major social book marking websites.
  • Submit your blog to Blog directories, RSS directories, free directories, and search engines.
  • Use the comments option fro every blog and track backs in regular bases.
  • Post comments on other related blogs related to you blog and content
  • Use target keywords in the anchor text that will link back to your site, and make valuable comments.
  • Offer RSS to Email. Most of the blog traffic comes from people that prefer to read posts via e-mail. Use free services for this like: FeedBlitz, Zookoda, Squeet, RMail and Bloglet.

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