Nov 6, 2008

Tips to Create a SEO Friendly Blog

SEO Friendly Blog

Tips to Create a SEO Friendly Blog

In order to run a successful online business blog, you will have to think about making it more SEO friendly. Blog will help you to gain more traffic and visitors therefore encourage more sales. So just what exactly is SEO and how can you add it to your blog?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and used to make your website rank higher in search engines. You do this by using certain keywords that show your site on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. However, it can be difficult getting your website noticed on the major search engines as they usually prefer your website to have been up for at least a year or two and having it linked to from other websites, is also sometimes needed.

How to Use SEO for Your Blog

If you are looking to use SEO to promote your online home based business blog, you will need to take various factors into consideration. The first is that it is good to use as many keywords as possible to highlight your site, you should never use too many.

If you do use too many keywords, the search engines that you want to help you will actually ignore the site and consider as spam. They do not want you to overstuff your website with SEO content because if you do, it is likely not to be of a good quality. So, you need content in your website that reads well and has a good amount of keywords, but not too many.

The good news about a blog is that you can generally get away with using more keywords than you can in an article. This is because it makes more sense in a blog because it is shorter and it is a summary of whatever it is that you want to say. However, saying that, it would still be a good idea to limit the keywords and ensure that the blog does make sense with them all included. Hence you can improve your, internet business opportunity.

Finally, the main thing to keep in mind with SEO and blogs is that you need to make any external links that you may provide relevant to your website. If, for example, you have a website about cars, it would be pointless having a link to site about office furniture. The search engines will pick up on all of the links that you have and they will simply push your website down the list if they notice anything funny about your submission.

SEO in your blog can help you to gain more business, make extra money and it can help you to get higher rankings on various different search engines too.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am new to SEO......Can you plz give the step by step process with images to create a successful blogs for SEO....I have seen this blog completely but there is no such thing about the blog starting from "Creation to SEO".

Anonymous said...

I really like this have given a good "SEO Tutorial"....I am really thankful to you for such a needful information...& I already mentioned in my previous comment that I am new to SEO & wanted to start create a blog & do SEO for MY BLOG....I would really take the help from this blog in the future too till I know everything regarding SEO & other things too....SO..I would be really feel great if I get a process for "Step by step Creation of Blogs".

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