Nov 7, 2008

Yahoo Search Engine History

Yahoo Search Engine History

Yahoo Search Engine History

Yahoo! Search is a web search engine, owned by Yahoo!, Inc. and is currently the second largest search engine on the web, after its competitor Google.

Yahoo! was traditionally the largest and most important directory on the Internet. From the last few years, the Yahoo! directory has done few changes in its profile and as the size of the web has grown dramatically, the provision of a spidered search engine service became more important, with the introduction of Yahoo! Search.

A Yahoo! Search engine service was initially provided as a supplement to the directory and results were sourced from third parties - initially from Inktomi. In 2004 Yahoo! went through a significant acquisition process, buying Overture (along with AltaVista and AlltheWeb which had previously just been taken over by Overture) and then Inktomi. Yahoo! Search has now established a stronger search offering by using the Inktomi search engine and developing this with technology from its other search companies, so that the reach of Yahoo! has grown, to hold the third largest share of the UK search market.
Type of siteSearch Engine
Available language(s)Multilingual
Created byYahoo!

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