Jul 2, 2009

Code Text Ratio Tool, Domain Name Tool Sites, List of SEO Tools

Code Text Ratio Tool, Domain Name Tool Sites, List of SEO Tools

Code To Text Ratio Web browser tool - extracts the text from paragraphs and text from html code to calculate ratio.

Code To Text Calculator Web browser tool - Similar to the above.

Bad Neighborhood Checker Web browser tool - Scans the links on websites that you may be thinking of placing a link on and provides information on possible problems.

Browser Screen Resolution Checker Web browser tool - Displays how your web page looks with different monitor screen resolutions.

C Class Backlink Analyzer Tool Web browser tool - Show links pointing to any given website and groups them according to their C-Class IP address.

Class C Checker Web browser tool - Allows you to check if sites are hosted on the same C-Class IP Range.

DNS Report Web browser tool - A test that provides comprehensive information (56 tests, to be exact) about the specified domain that may verify DNS ‘health’ or identify problems or issues.

Domain Age Tool Web browser tool - Checks the age of up to 10 domains.

Domain Dossier Web browser tool - Provides domain traceroute, service scan, whois, DNS and network whois records.

Domain Stats Tool Web browser tool - Provides statistics and data which includes Alexa traffic rank, domain age, Yahoo web rank, Dmoz listings, backlink counts and the number of pages indexed on Google, Yahoo, Msn.

Html Header Viewer Web browser tool - Shows you the exact http headers that a web server is sending with a http response.

Http/Https Header Check Web browser tool - Allows you to view the Http headers that the web server returns when requesting a url.

IP Address Report Web browser tool - Checks for duplicate C-Class IP address in link exchanges and web hosting accounts. Website can be loaded individually or using a text file.

Reciprocal Link Checker Web browser tool - Checks that your reciprocal link partners are linking back to your site.

Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker Web browser tool - Determines if your redirects are search engine friendly.

What Is My IP Address Web browser tool - Detects your IP address.

Domain Name Tool Sites

Domain Tools Free resource - Extensive number of domain name tools and applications.

DnsStuff Free resource - Similar to the above.

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