Jul 1, 2009

Browser Addons, Firefox Browser addons, Split Browser Addon

Browser Addons, Firefox Browser addons, Split Browser Addon

Over the last few years the firefox browser has become extremely popular amongst SEO professionals due to the large number of free SEO addons that can be used with it.

If you are yet to install firefox, you can grab it free from Mozilla here.

Firefox SEO Addons

KGen - Analyzes individual web pages for keyword frequency and weight which can be copied and used with other applications. Great for tagging and book marking etc.

Meta Tags - Offers a side bar menu showing a web page’s meta data, links, keyword frequency, etc.

SEO for Firefox - Aaron Wall’s addon which shows over 12 different inputs some of which include dmoz and yahoo directories, domain age, .edu links, PageRank, social networking sites and more.

SEOpen - Offers nearly 24 different metrics for web pages by simply right clicking.

YExplore - A handy tool that offers right click access to Yahoo Site Explorer information.

YSlow - A great tool that will show you the html and css of any pages and offers information of a multitude of inputs that will help speed up your page on all the search engines.

If you have come across other addons that you think may be useful to others, please commnet and I will look at adding them.

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