Jul 22, 2009

Basic HTML Tutorial, Tips, Tutorial for Beginners, Tags List

Basic HTML Tutorial, Tips, Tutorial for Beginners, Tags List

HTML stands for the Hypertext Markup Language. HTML code is the foremost language of the Internet's World Wide Web (WWW). Web sites and web pages are written in HTML code. With the help of HTML code you can bring together text, pictures, sounds, and links. HTML code files are plain text files, so they can be composed and edited on any type of computer. Windows, Mac, UNIX, whatever.

Basic HTML Tutorial

Follow these steps to learn HTML and begin creating Web pages:

· Writing HTML in Notepad:

When you start new Web page or HTML page, need not required a program to write your HTML, all you need is a text editor like Notepad or SimpleText.

· Basic Tags for a Web Site:

Every Web page must have these tags.

· Tags for Text:

After knowing about the basic tags, you'll want to add content to your page. The paragraph and line-break tags help you format your text

· Headings, Bold, and Italics:

After knowing basic tags then, you can change text on your page, you can change how it looks with these tags.

· Lists in HTML:

Make numbered and bulleted lists with ease.

· Linking to Other Pages:

You can easily link or point to other web pages.

· Adding Images:

Graphics make a Web page fun, but don't forget to upload them to your Web server (see next step).

· Uploading Your Pages:

Once you have a page ready for display, you'll want to upload it to a Web server.

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