Jun 1, 2009

Link Bait Ideas, Examples, Link Bait Services, Articles, Tactics and Tips

Link Bait Ideas, Examples, Link Bait Services, Articles, Tactics and Tips
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Link baiting or link baiting is also known as natural link building.
Link Bait means to create naturally that attract our website for getting backlinks from other website and other may discusses on forums, blogging about, what you have post in blog and linking to it from their sites. With the help of this we can receive a lot of visitors.
List of Link Bait Ideas:

  • Make a valuable resource (lists, special reports, history of, how to, etc.)
  • Interview (e-mail/phone) prominent people and publish it.
  • Build a useful tool
  • Write an interesting article
  • Run a newsworthy ‘event’ such as a contest
  • Test something new that has not been done before
  • Be the first in doing something on the internet
  • Write something controversial
  • Be the first to write the latest news in your niche
  • Be the first to expose a scammer.
  • Disagree with an authority.
  • Write some funny humor.
  • Update a list of interesting pictures.
  • Be the first to research and document something.
  • Make a theme, plug-in or piece of software’s.
  • Make a tool that others can put on their sites but that links to you
  • Make a resource that is just in time for a major event
  • Write an outrageous theory and back it up with logics
  • Write useful comments on something that is happening
  • Give something valuable for free
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