Jun 12, 2009

Key Steps to Before Optimizing Your Website, Important Steps for Optimization

Key Steps to Before Optimizing Your Website, Important Steps for Optimization

Tips for Before Optimizing Your Site for Major Search Engines:
First prepare a list what to do and project goal or client requirement that will make sure your SEO is successful.

  • Target or Goal of website?
  • What is the time-frame for this project?
  • What is the budget for this project?
  • What technology was used to build the site? (i.e. Flash, PHP, frames, Cold Fusion, JavaScript, Flat HTML etc)
  • Does the website contain unique content and with static or dynamic urls.
  • Home page and other pages contain 250 words of content to be optimized?
  • Check the navigation work? Does it use text links or graphical links or JavaScript drop-down menus?
  • Check how many pages does the site contain? How many of these will be optimized?
  • Check the website has a site map or will it require one? Does the site have an XML sitemap submitted to Google Sitemaps?
  • Check the current link popularity of the website
  • Check the approximate Google PageRank of the site.
  • Check the Source code to optimize in better way.
  • List the products/services that the site promotes or offer.
  • Check out the website geographical target markets. (Global, Country, State and Town)
  • List down the Top 20 search keywords or phrases to target the markets and rank in the search engines.
  • List down the major competitors. (Urls, Keywords, Meta Content).
  • Flow the SEO Check List.
  • What are my client's expectations for the optimization project?
If the website currently uses frames, you will need to rebuild the pages without frames or create special No-Frames tags to make sure the site can be indexed, and so on.

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