Feb 3, 2009

Three Link Building, Non-Reciprocal Link Building

Three Link Building, Non-Reciprocal Link Building

In 3 way link building you can exchange a link from a website having good page rank and relevant content and place there link in other related website or directory. This process enables to have even more one way (inbound) links on our main website. This is one of the latest link building processes being followed.

Three Way Link Building Strategies:

  • Check the websites are relevant to your web site or not.
  • Posted the link to another website that’s related to your keyword and categories.
  • First add other website link in your website and than ask them to add your link.
  • Provide them the exact html code of your website related to particular category.
  • Use the target keywords title as anchor text in the code that is related to your web site and information.
  • Try to contact others on by calling them this much effective than email.
  • After getting conformation on link then check back the web site and make sure they located your link according to your requisite.
  • Mail them to change and if they are not responding to your mail then without wasting your time move on to the next.
  • After week check that the placed link is indexed in Yahoo or Google or not.

Three Way Link Building Image:Three Way Link Buildin

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