Feb 3, 2009

Link Building, Types of Link Building Activities

Link Building Means

Link building is a technique to promote a web site by exchanging links to other related websites. Link building is not only useful for increases visibility of a website on internet but also helps to get or occupy the higher search engine rankings. Link building is one of the important strategies in search engine marketing.

Generally link exchange process is done with relevant websites with high page rank (PR). If the website contain high page rank means we have more advantageous if we exchange a link from that website.

We can exchange a link or promoting a website by listing in e-zines, newsletters, blogs, directories and search engines.

Types of Link Building Activities:

Inbound link building: In bound link is nothing but getting a link from other website or one way link. With the help of one way link we can rank well in major search engines. Below is a diagram to show the inbound link building.
Reciprocal link building: Reciprocal link building is nothing but two way link building. In this we have to place an other website link in our website. So we have to exchange a link with only high page rank (PR) website. Below is diagram to explain reciprocal link building process.
Outbound link building: In this exchange we give link to some other website. we may need to give some out-bound links to websites. Below is a diagram to explain outbound links.
Link Building - 3 Way : In 3 way link building our aim is to have a link from a website having good page rank on our website. In return we link their website from our other related website or directory.

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