Feb 20, 2009

Link Building Strategies and Tips

Link Building Strategies and Tips for Link Building

Link building play a key role in the Internet marketing industry and success of a website in search engines. Link building is directly impacting Page Rank, a core feature of the Google algorithm. Although there are many other factors involved in the search engine ranking.
Now we will discuss a list of link building strategies and tips that could help you increase Page Rank for your website. A simple checklist or source of new ideas and don’t hesitate to share your own link building strategies with other blog readers.

Few think to remember in link building:
  • Avoid spam.
  • Try to get links from pages with high Page Rank and fewer external links,
  • Look at the code to make sure the “nofollow” tag is not being used, alternate your anchor text, etc.

Tips and Link Building Strategies:

  • Submit to Directories
  • Submit Press Releases
  • Be Active on Social Networks
  • Publish Articles
  • Comment on Blogs
  • Submit your RSS Feed
  • Publish “Top 10” List of Things
  • Create Partnerships with Other Webmasters
  • Provide Free Tools and Scripts
  • Get listed in Govt website
  • Get a link from that website who offer sponsor Events or Sports information on regular bases.
  • Get Links from Business Partners and Service Providers
  • Launch an Affiliate Program to spread your website in world.
  • Publish website in Classified Ads.
  • Share your Knowledge in Forums.
  • 18. Review Products and Services
  • 19. Buy Old Domain Names and Use a 301 Redirection
  • 20. Build and Share Free Templates
  • 22. Join Professional Associations
  • 24. Create a Directory
  • 25. Buy Quality Links

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