Feb 8, 2009

Benefits of Directory Submission, Use of Directory Submission

Benefits of Directory Submission and Use of Directory Submission Services Benefits of Directory Submission

When search engines are not popular at that time, web directories served as the main method of finding relevant sites. But nowadays, search engines like Google and Yahoo have taken over.

  • To get your website indexed.
  • One way links -> Improvement in Search Engine Rankings.
  • Targeting specific keywords / phrases.
  • Traffic (not such a benefit with most directories).
  • Most web directories are free to submit to.

Uses of Directory Submission Service:

  • Make sure you are submitting to correct web directory like seo-friendly directories.
  • Prepare a list of seo-friendly directories and make sure that list is updated.
  • Submit a link to web directory in right category for your website, reading each directory’s guidelines, filling in the form correctly, entering the verification code and then submit.
  • Assuming you submit each site manually on your own, its take time and you have to track all those submission. If you take directory submission Services they will take care of tracking your previous submissions and not charging you for duplicate submissions.
  • Using a web directory submission service like ours need not to worry about the title, description and keywords.
  • Maintain a web directory submission process is not only one time job and hugely time-consuming.

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