Jan 27, 2009

SEO Digg, SEO Digger, Benefits of Digg in SEO

SEO Digg, SEO Digger, Benefits of Digg in SEO

seo digg

In past year or so, there has been a wonderful amount of awareness being captured by socially-powered sites such as Digg.

Effect of Digg in SEM (Search Engine Marketing):
There is something called the Digg effect.

  • With the help of Digg, we can receive a ton of traffic to our website in a small amount of time.
  • While digg readers deride SEO Articles, if you do have amazing relevant or free to use or even something that's just "cool", you won't feel the wrath of the Digg community, and end up with your post getting buried.

Tips and Benefits of Digg in SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

  • One of the key elements of occupying the home page is to have either a ton of people, who have "dugg" you’re posting.
  • With the help some of the top users on digg to vote for your articles, you can reach the top position in a short time.
  • Digg Alerts is option for you to alert any of your friends when you have posted on Digg.
  • Create a complete story that is useful for the reader and they will interact with what you are saying.
  • You need to have a great and unique title and description to get attract the reader and revisit your website.
  • You need to take is to review all of digg's categories.

With help of digg in as part of your marketing strategy should be to create drone and drive traffic to your website.

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