Jan 9, 2009

Important of W3C Validation, Tips of W3C Validation

Important of W3C Validation, Tips of W3C Validation

Important of W3C Validation

W3C is an important part of website design. You may have something that looks good, you can do for all pages, but if a website is validates it meets the standards for all the stuff that goes on in the background.
The W3C set the standards for web development and provide tools to check if websites meet the standards. Related to, what the site contain of content, images, anything, the site should still pass the validation check.
When website has a W3V Validation certificate it means that all of the code that is used to make the pages that people see is written correctly. Website should work for anyone anywhere on whatever they choose to view the page on, and it should look the same. All users will get the same experience, and that experience is the one you expect them to have.

Important of W3C Validation:

  • Your website will be more easily accessed by people with disabilities and the user experience will be improved.
  • W3C validation helps you reduce the amount of coding on your pages thus emphasizing the importance of content.
  • Your site will have the chance to get indexed and as a result get higher rankings in the most important search engines, since spiders are known to crawl websites with relevant content.
  • Your website can be easily accessed from different devices – PCs, laptops, PDAs, cellular phones, etc.
  • Validation is fully compatible with a wide range of dynamic pages, scripting and active content, multimedia presentations, etc.
  • Different current and future browsers will display pages in the same way, or at least in a very similar fashion.

Tips of W3C Validation:

  • Faster Loading
  • Search engine friendly pages
  • Less load on server / Cheap hosting Price
  • Larger Audience / Browser Compatibility
  • Easy to make changes in the future and less designer cost

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