Jan 11, 2009

Google Analytics, Google Analytics Benefits

Google Analytics Benefits:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (abbreviated GA) is a free service offered by Google. Google Analytics supply complete figures about the visitors to a website. In Google Analytics the main emphasize is that the product is aimed at marketers as disparate to webmasters and technologists from which the industry of web analytics originally grew.
Google Analytics (GA) can track visitors from all referrers, with search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents.
Benefits of Google Analytics:

  • Google AdWords, users can review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions (goals).
  • Google Analytics show to the goals convention may include sales, lead generation, viewing a specific page, or downloading a particular file.
  • Google Analytics (GA), marketers can determine which ads are performing, and which are not, providing the information to optimize or cull campaigns.
  • Google Analytics (GA) move toward to show high level dashboard-type data for the informal user.
  • Google Analytics provides a information or reports on, poor performing pages can be identified using techniques such as funnel visualization,
  • Visitors came from,
  • How long they stayed
  • Geographical position.
  • Custom visitor segmentation.
  • Users can authoritatively add up to 50 site profiles. It is limited to sites which have traffic of less than 5 million page views per month.

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