Jan 9, 2009

File Naming, Link Text Optimization

File Naming, Link Text Optimization, Naming Structure of files for Search Engines

This is also one of the important factors in On Page Optimization. Create a file or folder related to category or sub-category with keywords. If your Website selling the products, and your “About Us” page could have the file name “aboutus.html” but then you would not have any keywords in it. It would be better to have “products-aboutus.html” or “products-foot-wears.html”.

Create a file names descriptive and use targeted keywords. If you create a category and sub-category, also make sure that your are using the important keyword.

Avoid using space in file and directory names or products name. Never create a file such as “page1.hml” or “26562.html”, use target keyword related to content. If you want to use space between the keywords in your file names or url, use”-“between the two keywords like but "free-seo.htmt", which would boost your pages on many search engines.

Use the Anchor text as we discussed the important in the Anchor text article. Link text refers to the part of the URL that is seen on the page, the visible text that a user clicks on.

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