Dec 27, 2008

Meta Tags History and Types

Definition of Meat Tag History of Meta Tags Types of Meta Tags

Meat Tag History

Meta tags are very important for SEO and many people misunderstood. This article give you the brief explain on all Meta tags that we are aware of, and recommendations of which ones you should or shouldn't use for your website.
What are Meta tags?
A small text provides information to a search engines about the contents of the webpage. Meta tags is a informational code that has been located between your <HEAD> </HEAD> tags that are a part of your HTML document you've generated.
There are two known styles/attributes that you'll see for Meta tags. These happen to be:

  1. <META HTTP-EQUIV="name" CONTENT="content">
  2. <META NAME="name" CONTENT="content">

History of Meta Tags: In 1990’s Meta tags were developed to get a rapid growth of web pages, but after in the late 1990s but many Webmasters, adult orientated websites, uses age of abused Keyword Meta tags, unrelated keywords were placed on their site in the Meta tag section to occupy the search Engine Results.
After that major search engines modify the use of Meta tags for main criteria when listing sites. Google always refused the use of Meta tags, and now currently only will index Google Meta Tags. There are several searches that do read Meta tags in their own way.

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