Dec 27, 2008

Meta Tag List | Types of Meta Tags

Meta Tag List, Types of Meta Tags:
Meta Tag List

Meta Name


Meta keywords

A list of descriptive wordsthat identifies thecontent of a web page. Keywordsshould be lowercase andseparated by commas with nospaces after the commas.Keywords can includephrases such as "siteanalysis".

Meta Description

A single sentence thatdescribes the content ofthe page. This is generallywhat a person will readwhen they are looking at alist of matches to theirsearch.

Meta Owner

The company or person who ownsthe web page.

Meta Author

The person who created the webpage.

Meta Distribution

Used to indicate global versuslocal pages. Use globalfor major entry points toyour site(s). Use localfor local indexes.

Meta Copyright

Copyright information.


More complex processinginstructions.

Meta Revisit-after

How long you would like asearch engine to waitbefore looking at your webpage again.

Meta Expires

When the content will beoutdated..

Meta reply-to

E-mail address to send messagesabout the page to.

Meta Rating

The age level of the intendedaudience. Standard entriesare: General, Mature,Restricted, 14years.

Meta Refresh

Sets an auto load for yourpage. This can be used toreload your entire page,to load a new page, or toload an image or soundafter a specified time.The time is specified inseconds.

Meta Content-Language

What language your document iswritten in. US English isidentified as en-us.

Meta Content-Type

What code the site is writtenin, such as html/text.


Web page creation program, suchas Microsoft FrontPage4.0.

Meta ProgId

Similar to GENERATOR

Meta Microsoft Theme

Theme/style used by MicrosoftHTML document

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