Dec 3, 2008

Free Google Specialized Information Queries

Specialized Information Queries
(or books)
Search full-text of books.bookEnder's Game
(Show book-related information.
Note: No colon needed after book.)
define, whatis, what areShow a definition for a word or phrase.definemonopsony, what is podcast
(Show a definition for the words monopsony and podcast. Note: No colon after define, what is, or what are.)
define:Provide definitions for words, phrases, and acronyms from the Web.define:kerning
(Find definitions for kerning from the Web.)
phonebook:Show all phonebook listings.phonebook: Disney CA
(Search for Disney's phone numbers in California - CA.)
rphonebook:Show residential phonebook listings.rphonebook: bill jones NY
(Search for the phone number of every Bill Jones in New York State - NY.)
movie:Find reviews and traffic
(Search for information about this movie, including reviews, showtimes, etc.)
stocks:Given ticker symbols, show stock informationstocks: goog
(Find Google's current stock price.)
weather Given a location (US zip code or city), show the weatherweather Seattle WA, weather 81612
(Show the current weather and forecast.
Note: No colon after weather.)

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