Nov 7, 2008

Few Top Search Engine Promotion FAQ

Search Engine Promotion FAQ

Search Engine Promotion FAQ SEO FAQ

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a technique by which you use Search Engines and Directories to drive highly-qualified traffic to your website.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique or method of making your website Search Engine-friendly, helping you to rank higher in the results.

Why should I use Search Engine Marketing services for my website?

Because Search Engines use to decide which pages are relevant for a given search change all the time. If you had the time, you could stay current with all those changes. If you would rather run your business, you need to have someone working for you to keep current on these changes. We are Search Engine Marketing specialists, and keep current on those changes.

What is the difference between a Search Engine and a Directory?

Search Engines is automated tools knows as "robots" and helpful to collect information from websites. This collected information is updated in Search Engine's database, based on a following criterion, including page content, page title, links, etc. Google and AllTheWeb (FAST) are two well-known Search Engines.

Directories are maintained by human editors and they have to modify the website manually and to decide how to categorize sites for inclusion. Yahoo! and Open Directory Project are two popular Directories.

What is Paid Inclusion?

Paid Inclusion is programs where you pay a fee for your listing in directories. Depending on the fee you pay to directories, they may guarantee your inclusion in a Search Engine database.

What is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service?

Pay-Per-Click programs will rank your site high, and then charge you each time a visitor clicks on your Search Engine listing (Overture).

What are Search Engine robots?

Robots are automated tools used by Search Engines to look at a website. When a robot crawls your site, it notes the title and content of your web pages, links within the site, etc. The Search Engine uses this information to decide what your site is about, so that it can properly categorize it in the Search Engine's database.

How can I improve my ranking in the Search Engines and Directories?

The best way to improve your ranking is website with simple design and unique content. People who come to a website are looking for information, and the best sites are those with the best information. If you have unique content and give more relevant information then, you will rank higher.

How might I hurt my ranking in the Search Engines or Directories?

Lack of unique and relevant content in your pages and web pages contain certain technologies which, if integrated into your site, may actually decrease the ranking of your site: frames, Flash movies, image maps, reliance on JavaScript for navigation, dynamic pages, and several others. These technologies, can cause problems for the Search Engine robots because Robots don't understand these design elements, and may not fully crawl your site. This means that your site may not be fully included in the Search Engines.

How can I put Search Engine Marketing to work for me?

We can create the Search Engine Marketing program that's just right for you. Sign up for your Free Search Engine Marketing.

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