Jan 9, 2009

Web Content Writing, Web Content Optimization

Web Content Writing, Web Content Optimization, Web Content Writing Tips

Web Content Writing

  • Visitors visit the website but they hardly read the Web document word by word, rather they scan the pages by looking up eye-catching words or sentences. Various Web research have revealed that 79% of the Internet users scan the web pages and only 16% will read Web pages word by word.
  • Unlike, writing for print media, Web content must be written with great care. To make the content more attractive to website visitors, it should be made more precise and highly informative.
  • Visitors while surfing obviously stay on a page for a few moments but to make them stay for long and read the contents, effort must be paid to make the contents more attractive with some graphics and great text.
  • Micro-content is an important part of Web content writing and it must be made very carefully.
  • Micro-content includes headlines, subheads, link text and navigation bar text, it should be well explanatory and include not more than 40-90 characters.

Tips for Web Content Writing:

  • Highlighted Keywords.
  • Meaningful sub-headings.
  • Information listed in bulleted form.
  • Each paragraph explaining a single idea.
  • Precise and informative content (not lengthy).

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